Monday, September 19, 2011

Your Name In Secret, Available Now!

Purchase "Your Name in Secret I Would Write" from Paypal (vinyl or CD), CDbaby, or itunes by clicking on the links below:

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cdbaby | itunes

If you don't have or use a CC, feel free to send Red Heart the Ticker a check for $12 (CD) or $19 (vinyl LP) to PO Box 472, Marlboro, VT 05344.

Also feel free to head over to our site for more options, news, and reviews, and to check out our other albums:

We hope you enjoy!

Robin & Ty


  1. Caught the npr spot it just in time. What a lovely interview you guys!
    Ordering up the the LP to take its place next to my copy of the 1962 album and a digital download, in keeping with these times we're liv'n in...
    John N.

  2. We love this! Thank you thank you.