"Raising the Dead Via Folk Music," NPR's Weekend Edition 

"The Lakes of Champlain" was included in Vermont Public Radio's "Best Music of 2011," amidst the greats. Thank you, Steve Zind! 

Vermont Edition, VPR

Word of Mouth, NHPR

"An inspiring and remarkable collection."

"Make the Wildwood Ring," at the amazing Orion Magazine.

As tastefully rendered by MacArthur and Gibbons, who mix in the occasional electric guitar but otherwise stick to traditional instruments (acoustic guitars, a homemade banjo, a viola, an old pump organ), these songs are at once ancient and modern, archetypal and deeply personal. Death is always close at hand, but so is love and the dry humor New Englanders are famous for; “Single Again” is a housewife’s lament so tart and sardonic it could have been written yesterday, and “Carrion Crow” is the kind of morbid nursery rhyme kids love and adults misguidedly try to shelter them from. A quietly stunning masterwork. – Metromix, Andy Hermann

"Heart of Art": Burlington Free Press

No stuffy retrospective... Red Heart approach their source material with equal parts reverence and ingenuity, balancing tradition with modern sensibility to create a compelling collection of tunes. Your Name is both rooted in the past and forward thinking...“Lakes of Champlain” represents the recording’s truest union of old-time grit and modern application. Sweet and understated, the electric-guitar-tinged waltz could be an outtake from Gillian Welch’s Time (The Revelator) ...Throughout, MacArthur and Gibbons display an uncommon sensitivity and respect for the nuances of their material. In clumsier hands, modern flourishes might have been overstated, but this duo strikes a near-perfect balance. This is a recording that will intrigue local music scholars and folk fans alike. 
--Dan Bolles, Seven Days

The folks in Red Heart The Ticker stand out from the crowd. They're playing a style of music that is similar to thousands upon thousands of other artists and yet...they have a unique sound and style that sets them far apart from their counterparts...The more we hear Red Heart The Ticker the more impressed we are. In a world where too many people are making music for money or fame...these folks are creating out of true love and inspiration. Top pick.

The entire album plays out like a lament to those who have passed away, a deep respect to family and friends, alive or dead, a thank you to the landscape and the mountains that surround them. 
-You Crazy Dreamers

A+...Authenticity doesn't come any richer than this.  --The Hippo